Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Absolute Beginners - Start investing today

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Absolute Beginners - Start investing today

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Unlock your financial freedom today with the Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency for Beginners by Weirdo.Rocks!

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the way we think about money and financial transactions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and take control of your financial future.

Our comprehensive course is designed for beginners like you, providing a clear and concise understanding of the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. From buying crypto to investment opportunities, we'll guide you every step of the way.

Our course is not just about theory; it's practical too. Whether you're curious about buying your first Bitcoin or seeking the safety measures for crypto storage, our course bridges the gap between complexity and clarity.

No more wading through dense jargon. We've simplified the complex topics, making them easy to understand, so you can make informed decisions.


What Will You Get with Our Course?

 A direct, jargon-free breakdown of cryptocurrency and blockchain essentials.


 Step-by-step tutorials to buying, storing, and securing your cryptocurrency investments.


 Insights into potential risks and informed opportunities in the crypto arena.


 The exclusive Notion template: your digital companion for tracking and managing your crypto assets.


Who is This Course For?

Our course is perfect for anyone who is curious about cryptocurrencies and wants to learn how to start investing in them. It's designed for:

  • Business professionals who want to understand the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for their industry.
  • Students who are interested in finance or technology and want to learn more about the practical applications of cryptocurrencies.
  • Freelancers who want to diversify their income streams and explore new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market
  • Entrepreneurs who want to explore the potential of blockchain technology to create innovative solutions for business challenges.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency and how it works.

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Course content

videoWhat will you learn in this course?Free
videoWhat you will learnFree
videoDisclaimer Start
videoLesson 1: What you Will Learn Start
videoWhat is Cryptocurrency?Free
videoGlossary Start
videoHow does Cryptocurrency and Blockchain work? Start
videoConsensus Algorithm Cheatsheet Start
video📝 Blockchain Characteristics Cheatsheet 🚀 Start
videoLesson 3: What you Will Learn Start
videoWhat to consider if you plan to invest in Cryptos? Start
videoTrading and Portfolio Management Template Start
videoLesson 4: What you Will Learn Start
videoWhat is a Crypto Currency Exchange? Start
videoResources Start
videoLesson 5: What you Will Learn Start
videoWhere to buy Cryptocurreny? Start
videoHow to Signup at the Crypto Exchange Start
videoResources Start
videoLesson 6: What you Will Learn Start
videoHow to buy Cryptocurrency? Start
videoTutorial: How to buy your first crypto on your Binance Account? Start
videoLesson 7: What you Will Learn Start
videoHow to make money with Cryptocurreny? Start
videoResources Start
videoLesson 8: What you Will Learn Start
videoHow to store your Cryptocurrency? Start
videoHow to Setup Your Ledger Hardware Wallet Start
videoHow to transfer Cryptos from your Binance Account to your Ledger Hardware Wallet Start
videoResources Start
videoBonus Lesson: What you Will Learn Start
videoDo's and Dont's Start
Leo Brunnhofer

Leo Brunnhofer


Course Instructor

Hey there, I'm Leo Brunnhofer, born in the picturesque Mitterdorf i. Mürztal, Styria, Austria. I've always been a knowledge seeker, passionate about learning beyond the classroom. My curiosity led me to entrepreneurship, and my journey began in the bustling city of Vienna, where I studied Computer Science and started my first company.

Throughout my career, I've tasted various flavors of the business world, from tech startups to corporate life. But my heart yearned for something of my own, and that's when I co-founded Gaminside, TaskTillDone and later UrFair, ventures that aimed to empower people.

Now, it's time for Weirdo.Rocks. 

My mission is to help individuals embrace their weirdness, inspire change, and enable freedom. 

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