DeFI Foundations and Tools by VirtualBacon

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DeFI Foundations and Tools by VirtualBacon

About Course

Explore the essentials of Decentralized Finance with "DeFi Foundations and Tools." This course will give you a solid understanding of DeFi, moving beyond basic crypto concepts.

You'll learn about the workings of on-chain applications, the differences between various blockchains, and how to spot early investment opportunities in the crypto world.

Become a Skilled Participant in Crypto Markets

This course takes you beyond the simple "buy-and-hold" approach. You'll gain practical skills for active involvement in the crypto market. Our experienced crypto strategist leads the course, offering a mix of practical exercises, real-world examples, and insightful Q&As.

This approach helps you transition from a casual crypto follower to a knowledgeable participant in the field.

What Will You Get with Our Course?

✅ A critical analysis of traditional crypto investing and its limitations.



✅ First big chasm: Learn to use Uniswap


✅ Second big chasm: Learn to use new Blockchains

✅ Third big chasm: Learn to find new Coins

 Exploration of emerging blockchains, uncovering potential before they become mainstream.

Expert insights into evaluating and understanding diverse cryptocurrencies.


Who is This Course For?

Our course is perfect for anyone curious about cryptocurrencies and want to learn how to start investing in them. It's designed for:

  • Intermediate and Advanced Crypto Enthusiasts who want to dive into Trading and learn Technical Analysis in a very practical way. 
  • Business professionals who want to understand the potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for their industry.
  • Students who are interested in finance or technology and want to learn more about the practical applications of cryptocurrencies.
  • Freelancers who want to diversify their income streams and explore new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market
  • Entrepreneurs who want to explore the potential of blockchain technology to create innovative solutions for business challenges.
  • Anyone who wants to learn about the basics of cryptocurrency and how it works.

Course content

videoIntroduction and Overview Start
videoWhat you will learn Start
videoSTART HERE: Disclaimer Start
videoDeFi Foundations and Tools - Course Slides Start
videoBeyond the Hype: The True Potential in Crypto Investments Start
videoAdvanced Portfolio Strategies in the Altcoin Landscape Start
videoCorrelation of the whole market to BTC and ETH Start
videoMy observation: Where is the real profit in Crypto?Free
videoWe help you to cross the Chasm Start
videoFirst big chasm: Uniswap Mastery Start
videoHow Uniswap works Start
videoUniswap Tutorial: Set up Metamask and swap ETH for USDC Start
videoUniswap Tutorial: Become a Liquidity Provider Start
videoLiquidity Provider Exercise on Uniswap Start
videoUniswap Pitfall: Fake Coins Start
videoUniswap Pitfall: Rug Pull Start
videoUniswap Pitfall: Losing money with to large trades Start
videoLearn to use new Chains Start
videoLive example: Lets cross a bridge together Start
videoWhy do you need to explore multiple blockchains? Start
videoLearn to find new Coins Start
videoWhy can you not rely on Social Media? Start
videoHow to use Crypto Trackers? Start
videoTutorial: How to find a niche coin? Start
videoHow to use DEX Trackers to find new coins? Start
videoSummary and Key Takeaways Start
videoWhy these foundations are important Start
videoQ & A Start
Dennis aka VirtualBacon

Dennis aka VirtualBacon

Crypto Educator and Investor

Course Instructor

Dennis, better known as Virtual Bacon in the digital world, is a skilled developer, captivating educator, content creator(Tiktok 319.5k, YouTube 164k Followers), and crypto investor celebrated for his deep insights into the cryptocurrency landscape. His crypto journey began in a college dorm room, mining Dogecoin and quickly advancing to more complex investments. His early endeavors set the foundation for his expansive knowledge in crypto, notably marked by his strategic shift to Ethereum in August 2017 after being inspired by Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin.

VirtualBacon, has become a hub for original and actionable cryptocurrency trading and investment strategies. Each video on his channel is a product of extensive research and dedication, reflecting his commitment to providing valuable and practical insights to his audience.

Dennis' expertise extends beyond content creation to venture capital investing in the crypto market. His journey, marked by a keen understanding of market dynamics and a willingness to embrace the inherent risks, positions him as a notable figure in the crypto community. As an instructor, he brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking perspective, ideal for guiding aspiring crypto traders and investors.